Friday, November 27, 2015

[ENG] Soft Matcha (Green Tea) Cookies with Matcha Chocochips Filling

In the previous blog post i wrote about how i made my matcha chocolate chips, so it's time for the cookies! The original recipe actually use white & milk chocolate for the filling but i'm gonna use matcha chocochips instead since i want them to be super matcha-ey. If you're a huge matcha fan, you gotta try this cos they turned out amazing! Well, aside from the texture issue, which i'm gonna tell you at the end of this post, the flavour is super good
But, it's really important to use a really good matcha powder for this, so try your best to find the best quality matcha powder :) I got mine from a famous matcha store in Japan (it costs about 10 USD for 30 grams, and it's only the food grade one). I also tried to make the cookies with a cheaper matcha powder from a local online shop, but they're not even nearly as good.  

Tuesday, November 24, 2015

[ENG] Matcha (Green Tea) Chocolate Chips

I'm quite a hardcore matcha fans, when it's come to matcha sweets, either if it's chocolate, ice cream, cookies, etc, i always expect intense matcha flavour in them. I got 2 cans of really good matcha powder straight from Japan so i'm really excited to explore & make various sweets with them

I searched for recipes on Youtube and found this Country Ma'am Soft Matcha Cookies by Ochikeron. Country Ma'am is a quite popular soft cookies brand in Japan, but i never get to try their matcha one though ^^ It's basically a soft matcha cookies with bits of chocolate inside. But i personally don't like to mix my matcha sweets with any other flavour like chocolate or even anko (sweet red bean paste), so instead of white & milk chocolate i'm gonna make matcha chocolate so these cookies will be super "matcha-ey" yeayy....!

I actually got the matcha powder from my bf, he's studying in Japan so i asked him to get me a really good matcha powder when he was going back to Indonesia for holiday. It costs about 10 dollars for 30 grams, kinda expensive but worth it :)
And it's really important to use a good quality matcha powder if you really like the intense matcha flavour in your chocolate.  Each of these chips is like a tiny burst of matcha flavour & it's super good!

You can also make matcha chocolate (not chips) in the similar way i guess, just pour the melted matcha chocolate into a chocolate mold & let it harden. Well actually if you wanna do it "the right way" you have to temper the chocolate, which is kinda complicated, but if you just make it for your personal consumption, it doesn't really matter ;)

Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Homemade Vanilla Extract - The Taste Test

click here for the english version of this post ;)
Sekitar 5 bulan yang lalu gw melakukan "eksperimen" bikin vanilla extract (ekstrak vanila) pake vodka & vanilla beans (buat yang belom baca post-nya, bisa dibaca disini). Sebenernya gw cuma harus nunggu 2 bulan sampe vanilla ekstraknya jadi, tapi gw lupa dan 5 bulan berlalu... lol Tapi gapapa sih, soalnya di resepnya dibilang boleh ditaroh lama dan makin lama malah makin enak rasa vanilanya hehe...

Saturday, November 7, 2015

[ENG] Homemade Vanilla Extract - The Taste Test

About 5 months ago i did a little "experiment" on making homemade vanilla extract using vodka and some vanilla beans (if you haven't read the blogpost, please read here). Actually i just had to wait for 2 months for the extract to be ready but i totally forgot about them and 5 month passed... lol But it's all good since the recipe tells me that i can "age" them as long as i want and it'll get better & more infused with the vanilla flavor.  

Saturday, October 31, 2015

[ENG] Pancakes with Waffle Recipe

Do you like waffle or pancake better? For me, it's definitely waffle. One day i was really craving for waffle. I was home, and too lazy to go out, but i don't have a waffle iron to make the waffle myself. But then i thought, what if i make the waffle batter, and just cook it like pancake, how will it turn out? 
And it turned out really good! The texture is more like pancake, but taste better than any pancakes i ate. I think it's because this waffle recipe has more butter in it than some pancake recipes. And since then i've been using this recipe whenever i make pancakes. I still can't find a good, thick waffle iron though so i still can't make my own waffle but hey, i found a really good pancake recipe! :D

Original recipe from Laura Vitale - Homemade Waffles

Sunday, October 18, 2015

[ENG] Gyoza 餃子 - Japanese/Chinese Dumpling

Gyoza! one of my favorite japanese/chinese food. I've tried 3 different  recipes and this one's my favorite! It does have an extra step, which is making the chicken stock "jelly", but it's worth it. The chicken stock not only makes the gyoza more juicy but also add depth to the flavor. It tastes amazing and i really love it! But recently i found another recipe from one of my favorite japanese food vlogger, Papadesuyo777 and it also looks really good, (he also used chicken stock, and more, homemade gyoza wrappers!), so maybe i'll try that out too and then decide which one is the best :)
Actually i made this like, a month ago, but i was just too freakin lazy to write this post -.-" and it happens all the time in my blogging history lol

Thursday, October 1, 2015

[ENG] A Little Bit About This Blog and My Life

Note: please excuse some grammatical error in this post ^^

Actually, i'm not sure whether to write this post or not, well, who's gonna read it anyway?  maybe just me and a few of my fb friends who accidentally click the link lol... But i decided to just, post whatever i like haha
And that's what actually i wanted to explain, about writing whatever i wanna write and how this blog now isn't only about food & stuff i baked. Is that even necessary to explain? lol But i thought i should, so yeah, if u're curious please keep on reading ;)